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Flight Support Services

Do you own a private aircraft? Are you looking for reliable support for your flight activities? Or perhaps your corporate flight department could use some extra help from time to time?

24/7 Scheduling, Concierge, and Flight Services

AIR Ambulance

Concord Air Charter Services provides round-the-clock support for all your operational flight activities. We handle all the administrative aspects of your travel that you don't have.

When you have a need to travel, we will take care of all the arrangements, so all you need to do is show up and go. With vast knowledge of airports and heliport, we will point you toward the right airport at the right time. We will arrange your travel to and from the airport, arrange specific catering requests, notify the FBO of your arrival and departure. We will also monitor your aircraft while it is in the air, so your office staff or family knows your progress. We work day and night, so even when your staff is not in the office, you will still have the support you need.

Should the need arise for changes; we will make sure they are handled immaculately. In cases such as weather delays, or unforeseen circumstances, we will make sure your ground transportation is ready, and your staff knows so meetings can be rearranged.