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Know your requirement: When planning an air charter trip, first consider what your charter airplane will need to do for you: how many people will you be flying with? How fast do you want to get there? What is your budget? Different types of charter aircraft have different characteristics. The aircraft below are the type of aircraft typically used for air charter travel, they are for reference only.

AIR Ambulance


Turboprops offer a lower priced alternative to jets for shorter flights. The cabins are pressurized for your comfort and safety. These aircraft perform well on short runways which allow them to be utilized at more airports and specifically airports in smaller towns.

Light Jets

Light jets encompass a variety of smaller executive jets. These are elegantly appointed aircraft that can seat up to 8 passengers with decent range for executive business trips. These jets are usually used for trips of small durations for small groups and when price is a consideration.

Mid-sized Jets

Mid-sized business jets offer the next level of comfort and luxury with improved headroom and enclosed lavatory. Some operators offer a flight attendant and larger luggage space. This aircraft also offers extended range and greater performance than the light jets.

Large Business Jets

The large business jet lifts the private jet experience to the highest level. They typically seat 8 to 19 passengers in great comfort and style with stand-up cabins. Standard services include a galley and in-flight services. These aircraft offer a very extended range of 5 to 7 hours allowing transcontinental and trans-oceanic flights under the right conditions.


Airliners are probably the aircraft most travelers are familiar with as they are the primary aircraft used by the commercial airlines around the globe. Most major airlines make aircraft available for charter. These airliners' seating configurations are designed to maximize the number of seats available on the aircraft.


Time is a resource that is non-recoverable and helicopters are 'time-machines' providing efficient and convenient travel. When operating at conventional airports helicopters are not limited by runway capacity thus avoiding typical airport delays. Most of the helicopters can comfortably seat between four to six people.