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Devigarh Palace

Devigarh is a fort palace nested in the old Aravali Hills of Rajasthan. It is an 18th Century Fort in the village of Delwara. This Fort forms one of the three main passes into the valley of Udaipur. The city has a rich cultural heritage and offers abundant scope for sight seeing. The village of Delwara, which houses the Devigarh Fort takes pride in housing four 14th Century Jain temples. It is a 450 year old village and consists of Muslims, Jains, Rajput and tribal people.

Devigarh Palace

The village is a perfect place for enjoying vacation and attracts tourists from all over India and abroad by its scenic beauty. We provide you with complete information on all that you want to know about the beautiful Fort Palace of Devigarh in the village of Delwara in Rajasthan.

Devigarh has a good transportation network and is about 45 minutes drive from Udaipur. Udaipur has road, rail and air network with all major cities in India. The attractions which attract tourist to Devigarh include:

Bapparawal: It is a small lake which is about 3 km from Devigarh Fort. One can visit this fort in a horse or a camel safari and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Aravalis which on the journey to Bapparawal.

Udaipur: This city is about 40 minutes drive from Devigarh Fort and is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Udaipur is a city of Palaces, gardens, and lakes. The two major attractions in the city are the Lake Palace and the City Palace.

Eklingji: It is a temple complex consisting of about 108 temples made of sandstone and marble and is only 5 km away from Devigarh.

Ranakpur: The city situated about 110 km from Devigarh has some of the beautiful Jain temples with exquisite carvings depicting the beauty of Indian craftsmanship.

Nathdwara: This site is just 24 km away from Devigarh and has a 18th Century Temple dedicated to Shri Nathji.

Nagda: This site near Devigarh has a cluster of temples with stone carvings. It is situated about 6 km from Devigarh has a beautiful lily pond, which add beauty to the place.