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Executive Travel

When you decide to charter an aircraft you have flexibility in terms of departure and arrival times, as well as a more extensive selection of destination airports.

A business trip usually starts with check-in lines, delays, lack of privacy and limited destinies. An aircraft charter allows a private and faster trip! It enlarges your efficacy and, meanwhile, allows you to increase focus and relax. The charter itself enables the negotiations of confidential matters, negotiations and a bigger integration with your staff. These features make a huge difference to your business.

Executive Travel

Concord Air Charter Services knows exactly what the best choice of aircraft for you!

If time is money – every minute you spend away from your desk is a cost to your company. Chartering a jet or luxury helicopter with Concord Air Charter Services allows you to keep ahead of the competition:

Charter a jet or luxury helicopter with Concord Air Charter Service.

  • Fly directly out of the most convenient airport
  • Avoid unnecessary delays at airports
  • Avoid the expense and risk of running your own aircraft
  • Luxury Aircraft available with on-board communications
  • Comfortable luxury cabin
  • VIP cuisine available to suit all tastes
  • Flexible schedule allowing you as much time as you need in each location.