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Consultancy Aviation Services

Concord Air Charter Services is a New Delhi based consulting company with the objective of providing aviation consulting services to its client/s.

AIR Ambulance

We offer consulting services in the following Aviation related fields.

1. Setting up an Air Transport Passenger / Charter Services Company / Non- Scheduled Operators Permit / Scheduled Operators Permit / Regional Scheduled Operators Permit / Cargo Schedule / Non-scheduled Permit.

2. Import and acquisition of Aircraft.

3. Aircraft / Helicopter Charter Broking Services.

4. Overflying and Landing Permits.

5. Ground Handling Services at Major Airports (Domestic / International)

6. Liaison with Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Home Affairs, Wireless Planning Communication, Airport Authority of India, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security for complete paper works and documentary support required by Indian Aviation regulator.

7. Coordinate with AFCME for Pilot’s Medical appointment and then medical assessment.

8. Appointment for Foreign Pilot for Oral and Air Regulation Exam and FATA for Pilot’s.

9. Coordinate with Training and Licensing Department of DGCA for Pilots Endorsement ad P1-P2, IO) FRTOL renewal, IE/LR issue and renewal of licence.

10. Obtaining Security clearance from DAW (DGCA) for Foreign Engineers.

11. Instructor / Examiner approval and One time Approval.

12. Submission of Revenue and Non-revenue flight return to DGCA.

13. Renewal of AOP Permit, training and licensing department of DGCA for Cabin Crew.

14. Obtaining AOR clearance from Air HQ, Naval HQ etc.

15. Permission for aerial photography / remote sensing survey.